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In the industry from 2019...


Always Give More Than Expected

We have been operating on the market since 2019. Our main domain is welding services in a wide range as well as Outsourcing of employees, both individuals and whole brigades, who will perform the assigned tasks for you on the basis of technical documentation. Our employees are mainly certified specialists with many years of experience gained on many projects in Europe as well as nationally.

Our Services

In our offer you will find...


Welding services from simple fillets to NDT-tested multi-wall butt welds.

Steelwork assemblers

Professionals who know their craft well.

CNC operators

Our specialists will properly process the materials using highly accurate equipment.


Our locksmiths will prepare the parts for welding and finish after.

Pipeline and cable route fitters

Professionals who know their craft well.

Painters, anti-corrosion specialists

Professionally get rid of corrosion and take care of the perfect paint coating.